At The Endocrinology Wellness Institute, Dr. Rodríguez and her staff’s focus is to maintain the highest standards in care.  This creates the happiest and healthiest patients.

“Dr. Rodríguez is the best Endocrinologist I have ever gone to, and I have had to go to a few over the past 25 years... She is one of the few Doctors who actually listens and genuinely cares. Most importantly she is an excellent Doctor.”

Steven, July 2015


“Dr. Vanessa Rodríguez taught me more in 60 minutes than I learned in the past several years.”

Lisa, December 2014

“Dr. Rodríguez is a Top Notch doctor. I would give her 100 stars if I could. I have seen many doctors in my time and she is the BEST I have ever met. I would highly recommend her.”

James, December 2014

“Dr. Rodríguez has been my Endocrinologist for many years. My Husband started going to her after he saw and heard my ravings about Dr. Rodríguez. My diabetes has been under control since I started using Dr. Rodríguez. I always recommend her.”

Cynthia, October 2014

“Dr.  Rodríguez is the most knowledgeable, professional endocrinologist we have had the good fortune to be treating my diabetes and my wife's thyroid condition. We highly recommend anyone with these health issues to schedule an appointment.”

Josephine, November 2014

“Dr. Rodríguez is the BEST doctor I have EVER had in my 53 years. I could go on forever of how good she is.  Book an appointment.  You will love her.”


“For a 1st time visit I was actually overwhelmed with her caring patient bedside manner, most importantly her medical knowledge. My medical history was gone over very thoroughly. I feel confident with her treatment plan for me. Super great office staff. Thank you.”


“If you are diabetic Type 1 or Type 2, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Rodríguez.   She is an expert in Insulin Pump Therapy. She knows how to treat and control diabetes.”


“In my 23 years of managing Type 1 diabetes, I have never had an experience as positive as my experience with Dr. Rodríguez. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate. Her office staff is extremely accommodating and friendly. Highly recommended!”


“First specialist that made me feel like a person instead of a dollar. Thank you Dr. Rodríguez! Staff is A++ as well.”


“Dr. Rodríguez is professional and thorough. She is awesome!!! I'm driving from Broward to come and see her. It is worth it!!”


“Dr. Rodríguez is very thorough, patient, caring, and answers all your questions. The office is clean and efficient. The only negative is sometimes you have to wait past your appointment time... but that is because she takes her time with each patient.”


“She is a listener… Rare to find an MD who actually listens. Not only does she listen, she has answers. Don't walk… RUN to make that appointment.  You don't feel right,  your doctors say tests are normal... [Dr. Rodríguez] digs deeper.  She listens... Awesome!”


Dr. Rodríguez is proud to also have been recognized by:

Recognized Doctor  - Honor Roll 2015

Best Endocrinologist 2015

Patient Choice  Award 2008

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