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• Request medication refills

• Access your health record

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To schedule an appointment at our offices


If you’re a new patient, please call our offices at 561-600-2408 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM to speak to our receptionist.  She will understand your needs and schedule an appointment at the best available time.


What you will need for your first visit with Dr. Rodríguez



Always bring any medicines you are taking, or a list or picture of those medicines (include when and how often you take them). Tell us about any allergies or reactions you have had to any medicines.

Tell us about any natural or alternative medicines or treatments you’re currently taking.

Bring other medical information, such as x-ray films, test results, blood work and medical records from your previous health providers.


Make the Most of Your Appointment


At The Endocrinology Wellness Institute, the offices of Dr. Vanessa Rodríguez, we encourage patients to be engaged in their own healthcare.  Here are some tips to help you make the most of your appointment time and ensure we meet your needs.


Give information. Please don’t feel you have to wait to be asked.


• You know important things about your symptoms and your health history. Tell Dr. Rodríguez what you think she needs to know.

• It is important to tell us any personal information we request — even if it makes you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.


Get information.


• Ask questions. If you don’t, we may think you understand everything that was said.

• Write down your questions before your visit. List the most important ones first to make sure they get asked and answered.

• You might want to bring someone along to help you ask questions. This person can also help you understand and/or remember the answers.

• Ask Dr. Rodríguez to draw pictures if that might help to explain something.

• Take notes.

• Let Dr. Rodríguez know if you need more time. If there is not time that day, perhaps you can speak to someone on staff. Or, ask if you can call later to speak with someone.


Take information home.


• Ask for written instructions.

• We also may have brochures or audio/videotapes that could help you.


Once you leave our office, follow up.


• If Dr. Rodríguez said you need to have certain tests, make appointments at the lab or other offices to get them done.


We want to maintain our focus of excellence and personalized patient care.




It is not possible for a medical practice to become familiar with the details of every health insurance plan it encounters. It is the responsibility of the patient to be aware of what is covered and what is not covered by your insurance, and how much the patient responsibility for services will be. We will submit insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients with insurance, and will help you in every way possible to obtain your maximum insurance benefits. However, you are responsible for our charges. We ask that you pay any deductible, co-pay and balance owed at the time of service.


Having more than one insurer does not necessarily mean that your services are covered at 100%. We may bill your secondary carrier as a courtesy. You are responsible for any balance after insurance(s) has cleared.


Usual and customary rates


Our practice is committed to providing the best care for our patients and we charge what is usual and customary for our area. You are responsible for payment regardless of any insurance company’s arbitrary determination of usual and customary rates.


For patients without insurance



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