Annette Del Valle

Office Manager/Medical Assistant

Annette has been with us at The Endocrinology Wellness Institute since we opened our doors.


She is passionate about helping others - putting a smile in people’s faces and making them feel welcome.  It certainly comes through due to her 21 years of experience working with cancer, pediatric, geriatric patients and now in endocrinology.  She is also the best resource in our office to help answer your billing questions.


“I enjoy seeing how Dr. Rodríguez cares for her patients.  It’s refreshing to work with someone who has her patient’s well-being and best interest at heart.”


Born in Puerto Rico, but raised in Boston, Annette is a dedicated mother of 6, an active member in her church community and an avid baker.  She can make a mean “pastelillito de carne” too!!

Kamille Tirzah, MS, CPT, NSC

Weight Management Coach

Kamille knows a thing or two about losing weight… as she once topped the scales at over 240 lbs.!!!


Kamille tried every diet under the sun and yet, she was not successful - not until she met a fitness trainer that changed her life forever.  With the help of her coach, Kamille learned the secrets to change her lifestyle and her health by being consistent, committed and laser-focused on her goals.  After losing 100 lbs., Kamille was featured in the cover of People Magazine, interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America and highlighted on Entertainment Tonight.  She’s a real-life cover girl… here’s the proof!!


After meeting the owner of Cornerstone Wellness, Kamille understood the importance of losing fat vs. losing weight.  Such knowledge, coupled with her understanding of coaching as a vehicle to spark changes in an individual,  has led her to become a weight management coach herself helping hundreds of patients of all ages improve their health, enhance their beauty and reverse conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol and other chronic conditions.


“Nutrition plays a key role in helping to reverse chronic conditions while creating a beautiful healthy body, full of energy and vitality!”


Kamille wants to help our patients develop new lifestyle habits… to possibly live without depending so much on medications.



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