• What is an Endocrinologist?

    Endocrinologists are specially trained physicians who diagnose and treat diseases related to the glands and hormones.  The diseases they are trained to treat often affect other parts of the body beyond glands. Because endocrinologist are specialized to treat hormonal diseases and conditions in depth, they are best suited to provide the best possible treatment available.


    Some of the more common conditions treated by an endocrinologist are:

    • Metabolic disorders
    • Hypertension
    • Cholesterol disorders
    • Over or under production of hormones
  • After I start seeing an endocrinologist, will I stop seeing my Primary Care Physician?

    An endocrinologist works together with your PCP.  Going to an endocrinologist gives you an extra opinion to ensure your health is as good as it can be.


    Our knowledge and understanding of hormonal diseases is constantly changing and an endocrinologist’s job is to know these changes and understand the newest treatments available to patients.  This way you’ll have access to the newest, most innovative treatment for your specific condition.

  • What do I need to send to Dr. Rodríguez’s office PRIOR to my first appointment?

    1. Most recent labs or radiology studies related to the endocrinology condition to be discussed during the visit.
  • What do I need for my first appointment with Dr. Rodríguez?

    Please bring the following:

    1. Picture ID
    2. Insurance card
    3. If you are a diabetes patient, please bring your glucose meter and/or logbook. Please arrive a few minutes earlier to your appointment and give your meter/s to the receptionist upon check-in.  This way, we’ll ensure the receptionist or medical assistant will download the latest data from the meter and have it available for Dr. Rodríguez to review.
  • What should I bring to any follow up appointments?

    1. If you are a diabetes patient, please always bring your glucose meter and/or logbook to all your appointments with Dr. Rodríguez.  Please give the meter to the receptionist when checking-in to download the most recent data into your records.
    2. New insurance card if has changed.
  • Do you have an appointment cancellation policy?

    The Endocrinology Wellness Institute has a 48-hour rescheduling/cancellation policy.


    If you miss, cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 48-hours notice, you will be charged $25.


    It’s important to be able to tend to all our patients who need our care and attention.  Out of respect to our physician and our patients, by giving last minute notice or no notice at all, you prevent another patient to see the doctor during that time slot.


    We appreciate your cooperation.  Please avoid this cancellation fee.

  • Which insurance does Dr. Rodríguez accept?

    Dr. Rodríguez is currently accepting the following:

    • Aetna
    • AvMed Health Open Access
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield Traditional
    • BCBS Blue Options
    • BCBS Blue Medicare PPO
    • BCBS Advantage 65
    • Care Plus
    • Cigna  HMO
    • Cigna PPO
    • Cigna Choice Plus
    • Dimensions Health
    • Emblem Health (formerly GHI)
    • Humana
    • Medicare
    • Multi Plan PPO
    • Private Healthcare Systems
    • TriCare
    • United HealthCare Commercial


    If you do not see your insurance company among the above list, Dr. Rodríguez services can also be available as an out-of-network provider.   Please ask your insurance company for details on out-of-network billing and services.


  • Will Dr. Rodríguez still care for me and my diabetes if I get pregnant?



    With careful planning, proper medical care and good self-care, you can have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.


  • Do I need to bring my glucose meter to my appointments with Dr. Rodríguez?

    YES.  Please bring any or all glucose meters you currently use to all your appointments with Dr. Rodríguez.  Please arrive a few minutes earlier to your scheduled appointment and give your meter/s to the receptionist upon check-in.  This way, we’ll ensure the receptionist or medical assistant will download the latest data from the meter and have it available for Dr. Rodríguez review.

  • Can Dr. Rodríguez see patients under the age of 18?

    Unfortunately, no.


  • Which hospitals does Dr. Rodríguez have privileges?

    Dr. Rodríguez has hospital privileges at:

    • Bethesda Hospital East
    • Bethesda Hospital West
    • Delray Medical Center
  • Where do I call or go if I have an emergency?

    If your symptoms get worse, or if you have problems with your medications, call our office. After hours, if your question or issue can’t wait until the next business day, please leave us a message marked “urgent”.  Messages for prescription refills, appointments and non-urgent matters will be answered by the next business day.


    If you have a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.


    If you’re a patient of Dr. Rodríguez already and can direct yourself to an emergency room, please visit one of the hospitals where Dr. Rodríguez already has privileges:

    • Bethesda Hospital East
    • Bethesda Hospital West
    • Delray Medical Center
  • Where can I answer my billing questions?

    If you have any billing questions, please call 772-494-2700.

  • What is a Telemedicine Video Call Appointment?

    A Telemedicine Video Call appointment is just like any other appointment at our offices, the only difference is Dr. Rodríguez will talk with you over a video call connection.


    Just like in any regular appointment at our offices, Dr. Rodríguez will review your most recent labs, most recent tests work-up, will review your latest glucose meter and insulin pump data.  She will ask you about any changes, any symptoms, etc.  She will then provide a recommendation on the current treatment or to modify anything.


    Dr. Rodríguez will then coordinate a future appointment with you – you decide if it should be a regular in-office visit or continue with another TVC appointment.


    Telemedicine Video Call (TVC) appointments are very convenient, but unfortunately they’re not currently covered by insurance.   However, the cost for this innovative type of appointment is very affordable.

  • Who is eligible to schedule a Telemedicine Video Call Appointment?

    Telemedicine Video Call appointments are available for any type of patients – New Patients and Current Patients.


    Patients can schedule a traditional appointment in our offices or via Telemedicine Video Calls, it’s their choice.  By scheduling a TVC appointment any patient can maintain their continuity of care without having to step into our office.  Saving some time and gas…


    Telemedicine Video Call Appointments are convenient for many types of patients:


    • Patients with a busy schedule, like frequent business travelers.
    • Patients who live or work  30+ miles away from our offices
    • Patients with frequent routine follow-up visits – Diabetes, Thyroid, Osteoporosis, Low T
    • Young patients who are away to college
    • Patients who live in FL only part time
    • Patients who depend on others to bring them to their doctor appointments


    If you’re interested in scheduling a Telemedicine Video Call appointment, just call us at 561-600-2408 and our staff will give you more information about times available, costs, how to connect with Dr. Rodríguez the day of your appointment, forms of payment, etc.


  • With the availability of Telemedicine Video Calls, will Dr. Rodríguez stop seeing patients in her office in Delray Beach, FL?

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